Monday, May 24, 2010


 I really haven't had much to say lately, thankfully because I wouldn't have had time to blog anyway:)  Busy winding up the school year, baseball and softball, ministry, and now....a break-in at our church.  Not much was stolen, a few of our personal things, computer monitor and some money, but just a huge mess to clean up!  Praying people in our church don't become fearful or hold onto anger.  It is only stuff, after all.

The real reason I wanted to post is because some friends of ours are adopting from China and I'm looking for ways to help them raise money.  We're planning a pancake breakfast at our local Applebee's on July 10, but are also considering making a cookbook to sell.  If you have an adoption story we can add to it, or recipes - local or from foreign countries, please email them to me at  Anything you can offer is appreciated.  If you'd like to keep up with the Lancaster's adoption process, you can follow them here.

Well, summer is here!  Enjoy yourself!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Apparently after my husband came to bed last night, he asked me to read a certain passage of scripture and give my opinion on it today....I don't recall that conversation at all!  Anyway, after he came home from work tonight, he mowed the lawn and we ate dinner.  After dinner we were talking and the subject came up - to which I had no response because I had no idea I was supposed to:) 

Glen had formed an opinion long ago regarding the idea this passage eluded to and I did too.  I won't go into what he believes or what I believe because I don't want to stir up controversy - we'll save that for Sunday morning:)  The interesting thing is that I didn't come to the same conclusion that he did this time.  I'm not quick to say one way or the other, but leaning toward the other:)  After almost seventeen years of marriage, we are disagreeing on a pretty big biblical concept.  Nothing that has to do with salvation - that's clear.  This is a gray area that really shouldn't even be argued over (not that we argued - it was just discussion I promise- the kind you can have in front of the kids). 

After what seemed like FOREVER, we agreed to disagree.  The crazy thing is, I'm now the source of his frustration!  Am I not supposed to be his "helper"?  It used to be unknown people or unimportant people that he could easily dismiss.  Uh-oh....we may have to avoid this for awhile!  Neither of us are avoiders so this may be tricky;-)  Pray for him.....with a wife like me, he deals with more than you know:)


Saturday, May 8, 2010

~mother's day~

Today, like every Saturday morning I woke up around 4:30 to get to bible study leader's meeting, but hadn't gotten to sleep until after 1:00. I'm not sure what's been going on with me - a lot on my mind, I suppose.

Leader's meeting was wonderful as usual. Bitter-sweet because this was our last discussion until September. I'm finding that, though I'll miss BSF this summer, I'm in need of a break. It will be nice to have a few months of Saturday mornings to sleep a little longer and Monday evenings with Glen and the kids. I'm praying we are intentional regarding how we spend our new found time this summer. The last thing I want to happen is for the enemy to throw new activities our way! He's made a habit of that already.

When I got home from leader's meeting this morning, Glen wasn't awake yet. He had a late night of studying last night, so I let him sleep. My plan was to accomplish a lot today - but we mostly just spent some time together. I can't complain - it was good. My brother came in town and we met for dinner with Mom. It was nice to relax and laugh with family - not rushing on to other activities. We even went into the mall and wondered around for about an hour when we were done (after much pleading from the kids!).

It's after midnight, the kids are in bed, Glen is still studying and I'm sitting here with hair color on:)  As I was thinking back on what a good time we had and how we didn't have to rush, it hit me that Glen is still working! Putting last minute touches on his sermon and looking up Scripture for tomorrow night's service. Why did I not think to hurry home so he could get started earlier? I was just so glad to sit for a while and not have anything robbing family time, I didn't think of what I was robbing Glen of.

He is a bi-vocational pastor, so he spends his days working at a job he enjoys and that supports our family. His evenings are spent with us - having dinner together, bouncing from ball practice to ball game or watching a movie together or playing games. When the kids go to bed at 9 or 10, he heads up to the church for quiet time and in-depth Bible study - his passion. Yes - he begins after the kids are tucked in.  Many hours are poured over his Bible, usually depriving him of much needed sleep that we take for granted.

As I've thought about this tonight, I think of what life would be like if he didn't sacrifice so much.  We'd make it, by God's grace, but I would probably spend many hours away from the family to make ends meet.   Thinking about Mother's Day makes me realize that I am nowhere near the kind of mom I'd hoped to be, but without the sacrifices of my husband, I wouldn't be the mom I am. 

Tonight I'm praying for God to show me specific ways I can help Glen this week.  Though he will still need to study, my goal is to take care of things that hold up the process.  I'm not sure what this will look like.  Maybe I can research a few things and have them printed out or I can help him prepare a power point (probably not, he's way better at that than me!).  Tonight I started by ironing his shirt for tomorrow morning.  As a stay-at-home mom, you would think that would already be done.  Not with our crazy schedule!

Feel free to leave suggestions letting me know how you help your husband maximize his time - or how you would if you were me. I'm always open to new ideas - especially those who've walked this path before me.

Thanks Glen for all you do that enables me to "train up" our kids in the way we believe to be right.  You're the best and I'm thankful for you!


Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have to confess, when I first started blogging, I did it solely for myself.  To put down thoughts that were scattered, on something besides a notebook that would eventually be misplaced, forever unable to locate.  Recently however, I've realized the effect other blogs are having on me.  As I browsed for like-minded women's blogs, I became encouraged by the fact that most of them don't have it as together as they would like either:)  Thanks for encouraging me!

I have great friends.  I have always been blessed with good friends - even from a young age.  When I started homeschooling my kids, the group of friends I had a lot in common with shrunk.  Though I am still friends with many, I get encouragement and have the opportunity to share my joy and frustration with those who also homeschool.  Without the homeschool moms in my town, I'd be lost!  Thanks for encouraging me.

Since beginning to blog, God has started to fill a huge void in my life through the blogging community.  I have many friends, but few are pastor's wives.  As a pastor's wife it's so hard to find anyone who completely understands where God has me.  There's nothing special about me because my husband's in the ministry (in fact, there's nothing special about him either! JUST KIDDING! He's special to me!), but I am viewed differently because of it.  As easy as it is to say you think your pastor's wife is "just like you" (and she is), the second she slips up, many are ready to condemn her for her mistakes.  This doesn't happen so much within our church (that I know of), but around town - friends of friends of friends, you know.  I've even heard someone say, "but you're a pastor's wife"!  Yes I am, but so imperfect.  Those of you who've been my friend, even before the ministry know this all too well:) You're saying, "is this really an issue?  I know you and I know you fail!".  Thanks for keeping it real!

I have been so encouraged by blogs of other wives in the ministry, and am realizing that though my blog was initially for me, my everyday ramblings and goof-ups could encourage a wife that's new to the ministry.  I'll continue to write for me - for my own sanity, but know that you are writing for me and I'm grateful!

God is once again proving Himself faithful to supply all of my needs.  If you are a ministry wife and you're reading this, chances are you've encouraged me - thank you!  If you're not, please pray for your pastor's wife and don't put her on a pedestal, she'll let you down.  Remember, she's just like you and she needs encouragement, too!