Monday, October 19, 2009

~sweet melodies~

Can I just say that God is good? I can remember as a kid wishing my mom could afford piano lessons, but it was never to be. When I was a teenager, I bought my own keyboard with babysitting money I had earned, but all I can do is pick the keys-even to this day:) It's really a tragic story - just kidding:) The one thing I wanted my kids to be able to do is play the piano. Grayson showed early signs of being gifted with musical abilities, then Riley, too.

Today, I'm reminded of how I would record the countdown every week (on cassette) and play it back so I could sing at the top of my lungs! Riley is sitting at the piano singing at the top of his right now. I love the sound of my kids singing, and so thankful they have a tool like the piano to help them worship with their voice. If any of you have heard my kids sing, you know that Grayson has a sweet worshipful voice, but Riley thinks he's a ROCKSTAR! I love the fact that he sings LOUD and out of key - not caring who hears, just singing to God! I am still working on my nerves when I sing at church, even after years of singing. How amazing is God that He'll take pure worship from a child - loud and off-key, though it may be? But He also takes sweet melodies from Grayson to melt my heart, as well as His.