About Me

Who am I anyway?

 I'm Mindy, a preacher's wife and a mother of two. I was born out of wedlock and raised by a struggling single mom.  For the last 17 years, I've been wife to an amazing man - Glen.  He pastors a sweet little church full of people that I look up to in the faith.  I spend my days "training up" our children. Grayson is 13 and Riley is 11 - and I'm so thankful to be their mom!   We have home educated for the last 4 years and would love to add to our family!  God, through the inability to conceive again, is melting our hearts for orphans.  I'm passionate about my faith and my family and am humbled and amazed at how God continues to change my life story for good and bless me with so much more than I deserve!