Sunday, November 14, 2010

~to my brother~

My little brother married the love of his life yesterday!  I couldn't happier for them!

The following was my toast to them at the rehearsal dinner:

Blake (or Greg as you're called now),
When I was seven years old, my “only child” status was ripped away! I didn't want a little sister and God saw fit to give me a brother.  I was thrilled! From the time you were born, I made it my mission to protect you. Nothing or no one would hurt you – I made sure. As long as you were in earshot, I was paying attention. When you were a little boy, at the first sign of a loose dog, I could hear you scream, “SISSYYYYYY!!!!!!”, and I was off and running! Thankfully I was much quicker back then:)

You have taken many laps around the block on my handlebars – and many trips down Broadway, ducking down in my backseat so no one could see you (at my request!). You endured many forms of torture – most in fun and most involving a curling iron and hairspray. (I need to take this opportunity to publicly apologize for that!) You have always made friends easily and had many of them. You were never a follower, but stood out among them as a leader. From early on, however, it was clear that you would NOT be taking the first girl that came along! At twelve years old, girls began calling to see what the “math assignment” was, only to be hung up on for not listening in class:) You simply would not be bothered by such immaturity!

I can't begin to tell you how proud I am to be your sister. You are no longer a “pesty” little brother, but a close friend. The life you live is a reflection of the quality of your character. You are focused, you know what you want, you work hard and enjoy life – the only thing that was missing was someone to enjoy life with.


Glen and I knew from the moment we met you that you were the perfect fit for Greg – and we loved you! You are positive and fun and easy to talk to and comfortable to laugh with. I am thrilled to be gaining a sister! I'm looking forward to many shopping trips, telephone calls and holidays around the table!  I can see that you love my brother – and I know he'll be safe with you.

Though marriage is wonderful, God uses us to help refine one another and draw us closer to each other and ultimately to Him. Know that refinement isn't always easy, but always worth the hard work!
Congratulations! We love you both and are praying God's best blessings for you! No one is cheering you on more than us!
If you didn't grow up with us, this probably didn't make much sense to you, but if you did, you know that when we were little, we were never apart.  Until I left home, I was definitely his caretaker:)

It's wonderful to see them so happy!  The wedding was beautiful and fun - just like the bride and groom!  Still in Chicago, but headed home this week.  I'll try to post more about the wedding later.


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