Wednesday, November 10, 2010

~book review~

On This Day in Christian History, by Robert J. Morgan.

I knew when I ordered this book that it was divided into 365 daily devotions, but was pleasantly surprised with the content.  I'm not much of a history buff, but am finding that the longer I'm a Christian, the more interested I become in Christian history.  Not only are there daily devotions, there is a topical index in the back to point to a specific devotion.  I can look for devotions that talk specifically about peace or perseverance, and many other topics.  I am considering incorporating these facts in my kids' homeschool lessons - possibly as topic starters for writing assignments.  It's definitely not a replacement for in-depth Bible study, but I don't believe it was written for that purpose.  For a quick time of reflection, or neat, new information about Christian history, I definitely recommend this book.

I received this book for free from, with an agreement that I would give an honest review. If you're willing to blog your review of Christian books, go to and register!


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