Tuesday, December 1, 2009

~the wonder of christmas~

The week after Thanksgiving always comes with harsh realities: 1) That the year is almost over (where has it gone?) and 2) that I'm not prepared for Christmas - YIKES!

Oh how I love Christmas! The Christmas tree, the twinkling lights, hot cocoa, singing Christmas carols, reading the Christmas story from the Book of John to my kids, explaining the virgin birth - yet again! But UGHH, how I hate shopping! Could this really be? Am I not a female? I'm told most women enjoy shopping, but I'm definitely not one of them!

Guilt and terror smack me in the face as I realize I have NOTHING bought yet! Lots of ideas, but nothing bought. Our kids are of the age that we don't have to fight the crowds on Black Friday anymore. Thankfully, we don't have to pinch and pull hair to get their favorite toys:) The things they want cost a little more than a Cabbage Patch Doll or a new soccer ball and I can usually find them online.

I remember when they were little, the excitement on their faces on Christmas morning when they ran into the living room and saw the presents filling the corner under the Christmas tree. As they've gotten older, it's been my challenge to keep the wonder of Christmas alive for them. It would be easy (though easier for some) to buy everything they want for Christmas and hope they're satisfied, but I know material things cannot satisfy the soul. The TRUE wonder of Christmas is that which DOES satisfy. How amazing that God sent His own Son into a filthy world filled with hate and envy, knowing He would be murdered by the very people He came to rescue, so I would have the opportunity to accept His gift and live a life more abundant than any storybook could portray. Yes, this is the true wonder of Christmas! As my kids get older, I pray that every Christmas they are more amazed by Christ than the year before - just as I am.


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