Friday, January 29, 2010


Wednesday, Glen and I spent the day in St. Louis at the hospital.  A dear, sweet widow  from our church, Mrs. Sue, had surgery for an aortic aneurism and since she's in her 80's (and secretly one of my favorites), we were concerned.  We left our town at 6 o'clock in the morning and waited and prayed with her children throughout the day.

I took my Bible and my lesson from Bible Study Fellowship to work on, along with a new book I've been reading to help pass the time.  We've been studying the book of John in BSF.  More specifically, chapter 13 when Jesus washes the disciples' feet, and one of the questions this week wanted us to tell how we are blessed when we serve someone else.  I had a pretty vague answer.  Just knowing you've helped them can be a blessing, having a hard time naming specifics.

After many hours of waiting and praying, Mrs. Sue came through surgery just fine.  A few minor glitches, but nothing major.  Praise God!

When we walked into ICU to see her after surgery, she was groggy and talking crazy like we all do after anesthesia:)  She looked up at her son and said, "Do you know Mindy?  She's my friend."  What a blessing to hear.  She continued with a story that blessed my heart.  "One time, Mindy filled in at prayer meeting for her husband when he couldn't be there.  She came up to me beforehand and asked how my day was.   I had a horrible day, but that's just what I needed.  She's my friend."

I left that room in tears.  I had no idea that she'd had a horrible day that day.  I had no idea she considered me her friend.  Who knew that simply showing I cared by asking how her day was would make such an impact?  Imagine the blessing I would've missed had we not been there when she came out of surgery!

Obviously, I have since changed the answer on my BSF lesson.  God is so faithful to provide when there's an opportunity to give glory to Him.  And God continues to bless us in our ministry with friends....young and old.


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